A daily walk of faith and trust

I am going through a season of revelation and download from God.  Not entirely sure yet of the final outcome, but if feels like I am being prepared for a journey.  Interestingly, yesterday a friend lent me the modern version of Pilgrim’s Progress which I struggled to put down!  The journey speaks clearly to me of my early journey and I am anticipating great things from the book as I continue it later today.

The theme I am getting is about leaning on God.  We are not equipped to fully understand all things ourselves, we need his wisdom.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  The use of the word “fear” may be off -putting for some, but to me it means reverence, respect, honour and obedience.  I am also hearing about faith and how God wants us to seek him in our areas of concern, our areas of difficulty and our areas of questioning.  Seeking God draws us close to him and in that closeness a deep relationship is established. That is the relationship I want to build my life on so that as I travel my own journey and make my own “progress” it is with God at the centre of all I think, do and say.


As I seek your face, as I run the race with determination, as I receive your wisdom and revelation let it equip me for the journey ahead, instead of leaning on my own understanding, coloured by years of man rebranding your word to suit the desires of their fallen nature, I will see you as my teacher, listen intently to your wisdom, seeking first your heavenly Kingdom, your word is my truth, your instruction needs no introduction for those who walk the narrow way, a daily walk of faith and trust, a walk that sometimes causes pain, but a walk that draws me close to you, a walk centred on your promises, a walk made possible because of your abiding love and gift of grace, the ultimate race for all that only a handful will complete, our persistence rewarded when at last our Saviour we meet.

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