I know the one who held those oceans in his hands

Sometimes I think I forget just how great God is, just how powerful he is and when I think about that I wonder why sometimes I just don’t give him every burden just like that instead of clinging on.

I love Isaiah 40:31 – But those who trust in the Lord will receive new strength. They will fly as high as eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weak.

Today I was reading an earlier part of that chapter and God’s power was really brought home to me.

Isaiah 40:12 – Who has measured the oceans by using the palm of his hand? Who has used the width of his hand to mark off the sky? Who has measured out the dust of the earth in a basket? Who has weighed the mountains on scales? Who has weighed the hills in a balance?


God of wonder, God of power, oceans will rise and Kingdoms will fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever, alive and powerful, I know the one who held those oceans in his hands, he holds me too, I am not unloved, I was to die for and the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in me, all the forces of darkness cannot stop what God has ordained, he flattens the mountains and enters my circumstances with power, when all else fades, God remains, when I had nothing left, I discovered that God is enough, he gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless, trust in him and you will soar on wings like an eagle, you will run and not grow tired, walk and not grow weak, our God is not meek, his might is unequalled, he is unrivalled, he’s measured the sky with the span of his hand, weighed the mountains on scales and measured the dust of the earth in a basket, I ask you can you think of anything more full of wonder than my awesome God who’s stronger and more powerful than all Satan’s armies, never lose sight of God’s immense might, don’t try and fight your battle alone, God knows, God sees, he says come to me, God protects, God shields us, God sent his son Jesus, cleared a way for the Lord in the wilderness, every valley lifted high that the glory of the Lord would be revealed, the Lord God full of might, the Lord God our everlasting light.

Where I put up walls, God smashes them down

I was listening to Bill Johnson today and he was talking about living a Kingdom Lifestyle.  One of the comments that stood out to me was “don’t reduce God to your size”.

That is so true, how often do I forget or fail to recognise how great God is and how much he can do.  He knows no boundaries, nothing is too hard for him to handle, nothing is beyond his ability to resolve, yet sometimes I pray like it is.  My prayers need to measure up to my expectations and God himself tells us he can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.  Just think of that, immeasurably more!  So if I start to pray with that in mind I start to live from a Kingdom perspective.  Sure I will still experience difficulties, there will still be problems in my life but my faith denies those problems a place of influence and my God will resolve those problems without fail if I just trust in him.


Let my prayers reflect my faith, let my prayers recognise the greatness of my God, let me understand that where I put up walls, God smashes them down, when I come to the shore and see no way through the sea, God parts the water for me, where I see mountains before me, God moves them, when I’m lost in the desert, God finds a way for me, nothing is too hard for God to handle, nothing beyond his scope to resolve, he is so involved in my life, so absorbed by me that he’s just waiting to hear from me, to see that I do conceive that he is more than able to solve my dilemmas, he has an agenda, a plan for my life, he loves my sacrifice, that I picked up my cross and followed him, he loves that I give my problems to him, denying them a place of influence instead trusting in his omnipotence.

Who are we to doubt, our God can do anything..

Who are we to doubt, our God can do anything..

Oh yes what an awesome quote to start the day with and a reminder to me, having had a tough week that hey, who cares, God loves me and I need to bathe in that love and soak up his love and let him reign in me..


Who are we to doubt, our God can do anything… who are we to question, our God has all the answers so take advantage, God is great and God made us to be happy, to revel in his love, to enjoy all life’s abundant gifts, he lifts us when we’re down and turns that frown into a smile, just think on, all the while that we are down we miss out on the amazing joy that Jesus gives us, we miss out on amazing happiness and peace of mind and I find that when I allow myself to trust him I am filled with optimism, a sense of well-being that sends my heart soaring and when I’m calling out to God in praise and worship, it hits me, God thinks I’m worth it, God really thinks something of me and who am I to disagree, God thanks so much for now I see that you have got a place for me, that you have got such plans for me and you are pleased with what you see, so God when I slip up or fail to trust, remind me that I must turn to you and think of all that you have done, to remember the sacrifice of your only son and even more importantly to think of what that means for me, the life changing sacrifice that spoke to me, that helped me to break free from a life that was dragging me down, yes I was lost but now I’m found, all praise to you, all glory to your name, you turned my shame into esteem, streams of living water flow through my veins and my God reigns in me, my God reigns my life will never be the same and that’s OK cos my life is on the up, my cup overflows and even though I know that life can be tough, I have enough with God by my side, and I decide to trust, I choose trust oh Lord, I choose to believe your word so Father God please hear me out, I will never doubt your love for me, never turn away from you, I can’t promise I won’t make mistakes but they will just make me more determined to become a better person, a faithful servant and I am certain that you will guide me, gently correct me and lovingly perfect me, so thank you God that despite my frailty you love me unconditionally.

I am privileged to be made in God’s image

Psalm 107

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures for ever.

Continuing my theme from yesterday of positivity, if we can continue to praise and thank God regardless of what’s going on in our lives that is surely testament to his love for us and how his love outshines all earthly things.


My God is great.  My God is good, his love is not limited and I am privileged to be made in his image and as soon as I admitted that I was a sinner he made me a winner.  He has claimed victory for my life, victory from strife, victory from pain, victory over things that never again can hurt me, cos God loves me, God loves me and wants me as part of his kingdom and that is the singularly most important thing that’s ever happened to me, God died on the cross to set me free, to save me from a life of chaos, he embraced all that made me a sinner and bore it on the cross and there’s no glossing over the impact of that amazing personal act, Jesus was attacked and wrongly accused, bruised, abused, disapproved of and finally nailed to a cross to die, it is finished was his cry, finished, sin was no longer a terminal condition, God’s mission accomplished, Jesus his accomplice had died to overcome all evil, the devil defeated, Jesus seated at God’s right hand, rejoicing we stand knowing his love first hand, recognising his love spans all history, from creation to revelation God is love and today I lift my eyes to the skies above and say to my God how great thou art, thank you for kick starting me into shape, thank you for providing me with an escape from the clutches of sin, for inviting me through heaven’s doors, for providing me with your reward, I don’t know what I have done to deserve the love of one so blameless, so free of guilt, but I resolve to give back to you in everything I say and do, and through your great and awesome love I can do anything you ask, be anything you want me to be for you have shown me that I am free, praise you God for loving me.

It Bothers Me

God is going to return and it saddens me that I still have friends and family who don’t know him.  I have written the following and pray for the strength and boldness to share this message with others before it’s too late.


Today my words are clear and to the point, so sit up and take notice because this is the most serious message you will hear today, tomorrow or any day for that matter and what I am saying is a matter of life and death, not “is there a God?”  but “there is a God”, reflect on the difference switching two words can make to your future, not is there, but there is, and I am bothered that you don’t believe this, I am bothered that you would choose to follow the path of least resistance cos you don’t believe in my God’s existence, that you say “if he exists” when I say “he exists”, that you say “if he returns” and I say “when he returns”.  I am bothered that you refuse to accept his gift of life and all of a sudden it may be too late when you die and stand at the gates of heaven, when you stand before the risen Lord and are called to account, I am bothered that you haven’t encountered the Living God, haven’t listened to his words, haven’t felt his great affection never stopped to question what his resurrection really meant, that he withstood the torment of a cruel and painful death, his own Father gave him over to sinful man as part of his amazing plan, why you ask, why did he die?  He had to die because we were full of sin had turned our backs on him, were unable to bring stability back on our own, we’d blown it over and over again, what hurt and pain that must have caused to our loving, caring God, and with true amazing grace he turned his face back to humanity, granted us full amnesty and now we are a family, there are no barriers, Jesus carries us through life’s journey and even though we are not worthy of the great love he gives us, what an amazing plus that he doesn’t care about all the stuff that we get wrong, that we are weak cos he is strong and he will help you through your storms, his love is like a hurricane, blowing over you again and again, and as he reigns in me he commands my destiny and it bothers me that you don’t get it, won’t let it get under your skin, so here’s the thing are you ready to meet your maker?  Are you a risk taker cos that’s one gamble too far, the door is still ajar, he never closes the door on you, no matter what you’ve said or done, don’t run, don’t hide just set aside some time today to consider the things that I have said and ask God yourself about his love and what he has done to give you hope, and I hope you know that I am bothered because he offers you just the same and he’s given me a lifetime, an eternity of the best that you can ever imagine, it saddens me that you won’t be there unless you turn to him in prayer, am I bothered, yes I am if you’re not part of God’s great plan.

How Great is our God????

I love the song, the splendour of the King with the fabulour words “How Great is our God”.  Words can never express how great he is… here is just a short effort!!


How great is our God?

He is extraordinary, his love outstanding, he stands out from the crowd, we are wowed by the tremendous gifts he has given us, his wondrous acts of forgiving kindness.

He is generous and gracious, merciful and patient, passionate about us, knows the number of hairs on our heads, the threads of all our thoughts and died for us on the cross.

We adore and worship our great God, passionate to hear more of his word, thrilled to know that one day soon, in heaven with him we will commune.