I have been reading the story of the ten Lepers today.  On initial reading it seems incredible that after such a radical healing experience only one turned back to thank Jesus.  I then got to thinking about it, isn’t that just reflective of our selfishness as humans?  I’m not sure about then, but in our culture, we almost have an expectation of our “rights” as members of society and lose sight of the need to thank people.  Or maybe we are just so busy we are easily distracted, forgetting to say thanks or not recognising the gift or gesture that we have received as something that we should be grateful for.  Today, I have been reflecting on some of the great things God has done in my life in the three years I have been a Christian. I am so grateful, but perhaps I don’t always tell God, “thank you”, perhaps I take too much for granted?


God, you are amazing, yet instead of singing a song of praise, some days I just carry on regardless, not thinking of the marvellous gift of life that you gave me, sometimes I talk of death on a Cross as if it’s just something that happens from time to time, as if it was just another day at the office, oh yes he got up, went to work and then he was dead, no thought of the pain, humiliation and horror, no thought of the sacrifice you made in my honour, I say I’m forgiven, how awesome that is, but really do I thank you as much as I should, am I grateful, full of wonder that Jesus, son of God rejected heavenly splendour to live as a man, to suffer temptation, to be accused and subjected to humiliation, when he forgives me my sin do I run back to him with gratitude or (heaven forbid) do I have the wrong attitude, Father God I am so blessed with your mercy and grace, forgive me the times when I throw it back in your face, forgive me for not giving you praise, prompt me Holy Spirit all of my days to praise, rejoice and worship, to give God the glory, to thank him for purchasing me by his blood, to show him my gratitude and pour out my love.

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