No more excuses

No more excuses…. We need to find time for God, time to spend in his company, time to spend hearing from him and seeking his face.  Time to read his word, ask his opinion, involve him in our lives and build a relationship with him.  What excuses do you come up with that prevent you spending that quality time with God?

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

All I can say is the more time we spend with him, the stronger our relationship, the closer our friendship and the better our witness.


No more excuses, never again shall I say I cannot do this, no more issues around finding the time, remember that I am his and he is mine and that means a relationship has already formed, from the moment I was born he wooed me, spoke to my heart, his heart saddened when sin held us apart, his heart gladdened when finally, at last I repented of the past, when I turned to gaze in his direction and seek nothing more than gentle correction, when I answered the knock on the door, invited him in, the heaven’s roared and Jesus took me by the hand, leading me to the promised land, and now I spend my time with him, I love to talk and laugh with him, I love to worship, sing his praise, raise my hands in awe and wonder, spend countless hours basking in his splendour.

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