About my Blog

I became a Christian in February 2015 and after writing a number of poems which remained unread I decided it would be useful for me to document in this Blog the highs and lows I have encountered since giving my life to God and share my poems and thoughts with others.

This Blog is a “journey” which documents the highs and lows, the challenges I personally have faced throughout my life and in coming to God, the challenges I still face and the way I am growing in strength daily, lessons I learn, scriptures I want to share and so much more…

Before I became a Christian I never wrote, God has given me a passion and a gift to write which is a blessing to me in helping me understand his word, process events and new experiences and it is also a calming influence, a new coping tool for me.

I hope that you find something here that speaks to you and are blessed in some way through sharing this journey with me.



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