Flaws and imperfections are what makes us human

Matthew 26:40 – Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” he asked Peter.

This verse really struck me this morning, it spoke of the humanity of Jesus.  His friends were asked to do one thing and they failed.  He must have felt lonely, angry, betrayed and sensing that he had to face this alone he returned to pray to his Father.  Jesus remained focused on his calling, yes he challenged God, perhaps to confirm this really was his father’s will, yet he was obedient, even in the light of lack of support or presence of those he had asked to pray for him.

How often do we feel betrayed or abandoned by friends?  When I think of Christians in churches and the stories you hear of people leaving the church because of things others have done, or haven’t done, it speaks of a shallow relationship with God.  We all need love and support from our brothers and sisters, yet when push comes to shove, it’s all about me and God.  God is my strength, my strong tower, my comforter, my advisor, my counsellor, my shelter, my rest, my friend and so much more.

If someone has let you down, or you feel betrayed, take a look at Jesus as an example and draw closer to God, forgive and move forwards with those who have let you down, we are all flawed in our humanity but praise God he is solid, the same yesterday, today and forever.


Flaws and imperfections are what makes us human, yes we are flawed in our humanity yet knowing the frailty of human love increases our appreciation of God’s perfect love, his grace is sufficient for us, his power made perfect in our weaknesses, as we flounder and fall, as we fail in the most basic of commands, he only demands that we keep our eyes on him, if we fall this time, get up and do it again, if we feel alone, abandoned in our hour of need, don’t turn to the left or the right, get on your knees and give it to God, if friends are hard to come by when the going gets tough, remember this truth, our God is enough.


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