We all err, we all get things wrong, we forget to refer to the Holy One

Moses is such an inspiration.  Despite all his failings he was a mighty leader, but he shows us how leaders can get things wrong.  Natural human emotions, frustrations with his people lead him to make mistakes, to forget God’s place in it all, yet we know he was forgiven and redeemed by our amazing God.  In our roles as leaders, whether at work, home or in the Church we will find times of frustration and sometimes we too will get things wrong.  But, God’s OK with that if we recognise our mistakes and repent.  The worst thing we can do is dwell on these mistakes and feel sorry for ourselves.  We need to say sorry to God and to anyone we may have hurt in the process and then stride out purposefully to carry on our mission for God.


Mistakes, we all make them, the rush of blood to the head, the moment we wish we’d not said…. the thoughts rattling round in our heads that if spoken would not stand us in good stead, mistakes, we all err, we all get things wrong, we forget to refer to the Holy One, speaking before we think, thinking before we pray, failing to stay focussed on God that’s how easy it is to stray, yet Moses was one of the greats, chosen by God and he still made mistakes, leading the people for so many years, their anger, frustration, their doubts and their fears, it was always going to end in tears, but the one thing I take from this story of old, is that God is faithful, he is not cold, he forgives us our trespasses and gives us second chances, he searches our hearts and finds the best in us, so cut yourself some slack, God’s got your back, don’t rack your brain, don’t feel the shame, repent and ask God to forgive, that’s surely the best way for us to live?

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