Drawing on you God

Don’t you love it when you learn something new?  Today I learnt that when Jesus was on the cross, two of the prayers he used came directly from Psalms.  Psalms that he would have learned as a child, that would be easy for him to recall even in his pain and suffering.  Psalms that were prophetic in nature because at that very moment in time Jesus was living the prophecy.  And it hit me, how important it is for us to know God’s word inside and out so that at times of great trials and testing, we have the words to speak to our Father and the words to rebuke the enemy.  If Jesus needed to draw on the strength of the words in the Bible, how much more do we need them in our lives?


Drawing on you God, when in trouble draw on the words that we know so well, words that trip off the tongue, words that belong in our hearts, bound to our forehead, fresh in our minds, speaking God’s own truth out loud, speaking directly to God’s heart, using his word when life is hard, his word a sword in my hand as I fight off the lies of the enemy, as I feel God’s protection over me as his words wash over me, bringing me peace and joy, lighting up the right path, leading me to greater things, reminding me that I am a daughter of the victorious King.

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