In life I’ve found his favour

Perhaps today is a day to thank God for Jesus.  Jesus not only died on the cross for us, he endured time in hell on our behalf.  Have you ever stopped to think what that must have been like?  Separated from his father, separated from all he loved, taunted, beaten, mocked, tortured, taking on the punishment for all our sins.  Those three days must have been excruciating agony, mental torment and oh so very dark. 

Thank you, Jesus, that you took my punishment, thank you Jesus that you died for me, thank you Jesus that in your victory over death you have purchased my eternal salvation.


Death died, Jesus conquered death, the grave and hell, Good Friday a good day for those who trust in him, the day sin lost its hold, the day we found out that we could boldly approach God’s throne with confidence, that we’re welcomed as one of his own, it is finished were his words, the empty tomb testament to our resurrected King, are you living as one redeemed by the love of Jesus, do you recognise the act of death was there to save us, victory over hell a gift to lift us from our certain death to the promise of eternal life, his sacrifice deliberately made so that we no longer would be slaves, today I thank and praise my God for since I met him life’s not so hard, I have a friend whose name is Jesus, the very same friend who died to save us, I have a sure and certain future, I’ll live in heaven and that’s no rumour, I’ll reign on high with Christ my Saviour because in life I’ve found his favour.

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