I think, I look, I see the hidden signs…

I have decided to study Jeremiah.  I think this is because I felt some parallels with his calling and where I believe God is calling me to serve.  Jeremiah was talking to a people who had turned from God and weren’t prepared to listen.  He was called to be obedient to God and speak out some harsh truths knowing that he would be ignored and derided, yet he obeyed and did all that God asked.

In the current climate if you stand against homosexuality or same sex attraction you run the risk labelled as homophobic, a bigot or worse.  You certainly stand in a dwindling minority both in and outside the Church and risk upsetting others whatever you say.

But I sincerely believe we are called to speak out as God leads us no matter what we perceive the outcome to be.  Obedience to God comes first, he is the one whom I respect, the one who leads and guides me and the one who saved me and can save others like me.

Jeremiah 6:16 – Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.


Which way God, which path?  I stand at the crossroads and look, what am I looking for, I don’t immediately know?  I kneel, I pray, I say to God, it doesn’t matter how hard, how far, how difficult the way, show me which one to choose today, I think, I look, I see the hidden signs, the well worn ground defines a narrow path that twists and turns, the pilgrims path, the ancient road, that’s the way I ought to go, and as I step out in faith my soul lifts, my heart rejoices, my voice lifts in praise, my soul rests, my mind slows, and suddenly it’s there, I know that this is the way I have to go, now this is not an easy walk, there’s mountains, valleys, cliffs of chalk, the way is rugged and will be hard, this is not the simplest path, along the way there’s groups of men, who laugh and mock and try and send me back the way I came, but I will walk and I will travel, with God by my side I will tackle the steepest slopes, my hope remains in God my Father, the farther I travel the more things unravel, as I speak out I get stronger, the taunts and the jeers no longer a problem as I obey God and continue to warn them, standing up for what is right I walk victorious to the light.

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