I’m writing today with a degree of anger combined with utter incredulity that a major state in the United States is trying to pass new laws relating to gender and sexuality.

I’m not going to go into all the ins and outs of the proposed laws, you can read about them for yourselves (Bethel Church have explained it well, see this link) – https://www.bethel.com/press/cabills/

What I am going to say is, as Christians we need to get behind the Christian community in California.  We need to pray that this legislation will not be passed and that all other attempts to pass similar legislation fail.

Speaking as one who has received support, counselling and Christian teaching pertaining to same sex attraction, as someone who actively sought to explore my options to either continue in an active homosexual relationship, or to receive God’s forgiveness and walk away from that lifestyle, I say that it is unforgiveable to remove that choice from others.  In particular, I would say that it is unforgiveable to only offer children gay affirming therapies/counselling and deny them access to counselling opportunities to explore unwanted same sex attraction and how they can move forward in their lives.

Unwanted same sex attraction exists, it is a reality.  There are many of us who have found love from our heavenly Father, and because of that love we have chosen to live in obedience to his design for human sexuality.  Don’t allow any State or Country take away our freedom, to take away our access to life changing support, don’t allow any State or Country to pass laws that mean when we ask for help we are backed into a corner and encouraged to continue in an unwanted lifestyle.


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