Free from the law of sin and death, I am established in righteousness

Who I am

Loved by God, I am forgiven, free from the law of sin and death, I am established in righteousness and all my needs are met by Jesus, saved by grace through faith, I spend my days loving God, rooted & built up in Him I’m becoming established in the Faith, confessing the Lordship of Jesus over my life, his sacrifice freed me to become a born again daughter of God, delivered from the power of darkness, redeemed from the hands of the Enemy, called with a Holy calling, created in God’s image, I am not of this world I just live in it, belonging to God’s Household of faith, seeking his Kingdom and righteousness, abiding in his love, I am healed by his stripes, freed from all fear, crowned with his loving kindness and tender mercies, allowing his truth to set me free, I am God’s workmanship created in Jesus, convinced that nothing can ever separate us, I am a believer, humbly casting my cares upon him, blessed because I hear his word, blessed in my obedience and as I let my requests be known to Jesus I am filled with all joy and peace in believing and receiving, being transformed by the renewing of my mind, abiding in Jesus as he abides in me, I am an Heir of God, joint heirs with Jesus, heir of eternal life, heir to the blessings of Abraham, and my God lavishes Spiritual blessings upon me, I trust in him, in all my ways I acknowledge him, conforming to his image, walking in his wisdom, able to be a partaker of the inheritance, living in every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, I walk in love and live in faith, the elect of God, fully convinced that his promises will be performed, holding fast my confidence that brings great reward, I acknowledge him in all my ways, I go out in his name with prayer and praise.


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