He asks me the question “are you of sound mind?”

Sometimes when things get hard, Satan tries to make it worse, he just loves to see us question and worry about stuff that we thought we had sorted with God years ago.

I know that with God there is no more shame – then every so often Satan gets in my ear and tries to tell me I am not good enough, I’m not living as God wants me to live, I should be ashamed.  Not sure why I listen, but sometimes the voice seems loud.

Hey, Satan, here’s my answer to you – I am not ashamed because Jesus took my sin and shame and he died for me.  For me!  Because he loved me – praise the Lord indeed.

Faith over Fear

I choose faith over fear, I choose to hear God’s word, declare his promises over my life, now today with Satan’s lies running riot I choose to pick up my sword and fight, standing in the light I fight with all my might, darkness will not overcome, I will not be undone by the evil one who seeks to drag me down, to make me turn around, he asks me the question “are you of sound mind”, never mind the questions Satan, what you forgot to mention is that there is only one solution to every problem, only one answer to every question, you forgot to mention that you are already defeated, your life depleted, your attempts to cheat us of our salvation are weak and worthless with zero foundation, the answer is Jesus, the answer is his resurrection, three days in the tomb and then celebration, Jesus defeated you fair and square, Jesus showed me that it’s him who cares, he tells me there is no more shame and I’ll take that, I’ll praise his name, see, however hard you try to tell me I’m not worthy, God’s truth surrounds me, for I am sanctified, holy, he couldn’t love me more and he couldn’t love me less, his selfless act gave me back my life, his sacrifice set me free and I don’t care if you don’t like me, creeping up behind me with all those lies and taunts and sneers, I don’t care, I have no more fear, God is love, God is my Father, I’m adopted and chosen, I’m loved and emotionally that’s all I need, praise to the Lord, praise God indeed.

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