Good comes out of the devastations in my mind

I have been absent for a while, I think I am being drawn away from regular writing, but still there is a need for me to post when God prompts me.

When life is tough it’s easy to sit and feel sorry for ourselves, but that’s not what God wants for us.  I reflected the other day that a tough day for me, in my privileged western world, would probably be an awesome day for someone from one of the many countries facing famine, war or terror.

I wanted today to reflect on what God says about me and what is going on when I feel in the midst of a storm, and that resulted in this piece.

Sing a new Hosanna

Flawed, yet loved and accepted, sinful, yet forgiven. The storms may rage but God’s promises stand, good comes out of the devastations in my mind.  Listen, do you hear, draw near, be still and know that he is God, listen to the voice that renews your strength, enabling you to handle life.  Clothed in heavenly armour, all hail King Jesus, draw near to me, keep my way secure, performing wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.

God says I am unique and I trust his word, he says I am chosen and I know he speaks the truth, God’s grace carried me here and will carry me through, he alone is my salvation, having began a good work in me he will carry it on to completion, until the day of Christ Jesus, when I will meet him.

I sing a new Hosanna, I march beneath his banner, declaring his love over me, securing my eternal destiny, I breathe because he gives me breath, I sing because I know I’m blessed, I love because he first loved me, I praise because I know there’s power in his name, I rest because I no longer bear the shame, I pray to God with confidence seeking nothing more than to spend time in his wondrous presence.


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