Restoration, healing, a pledge that you are my new creation

My bible readings this week are based on Joel and today I read:

Joel 2:25- I, the Lord your God, will make up for the losses caused by those swarms and swarms of locusts I sent to attack you

Restoring the years the locusts have eaten is a reality to me.  This verse which was given to me very early on in my walk with God has come to mean so much to me.  It is a promise I hold dear, a promise from God which I can see him answering over and over again.  God is faithful and good, he bears no grudges and will use each and every one of us as we desire to draw close to him, regardless of how our years may have been wasted.


I made some mistakes, I left it quite late to fess up and speak to God, I’d made some bad choices, listened to wrong voices, my track record was not something to be proud of, but as I laid it all on the ground at the foot of the Cross, I received a promise that affected me profusely, I will restore those years, the years where you were fearful, angry, tearful, those days of hurt and sorrow, of wishing that tomorrow would never come, I vow that from now on as you draw close to me, have faith in who I made you to be, you will be restored.  Restoration, healing, a pledge that you are my new creation, nothing you have gone through will ever be wasted, let me do this new thing in you, love me and let me love you, let it go and I will show you all that I have planned for you, acceleration as you spend your time in worship and adoration, rapid growth as you soak in my presence, blessings upon blessings as you confess your sins and repent, the life you dreamt of a reality, perfect peace and harmony, knowing who you’re meant to be, living life expectantly


Stop looking at the damage look at the healing

Interesting, have had a really tough time last night and then woke up this morning and read yesterday’s Blog post!  All about trusting God through the storm, keeping my eyes on him and I just thought how quickly I forget.  I think if I’m honest being this new creation is a work in progress.  I have got to a really good place and then I have revisited a situation where I have been hurt in the past.  I thought I was ready but I think me and God have still got some work to do to get me totally ready to face this.  But a timely reminder taken on the chin, I have a couple more days to work on this until back to normality so Jesus help me through and help me be victorious in this situation so that your glory shines through.

2 Corinthians 5:17 – Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!


Positive thoughts, be yourself, if God has taught you anything it’s selfless sacrifice, stop looking at the damage look at the healing, take deep breaths in, I was created in God’s image and he doesn’t make mistakes, he takes ashes and makes something beautiful, whatever you tell me I am usable, he uses me and see just because you don’t get what God has done in me I know I can trust in my God, immerse myself in his word that tells me all I need to know, shows me my future and my hope, shows me that yes I can cope as long as I keep my eyes on him, this storm, well that’s nothing, I can weather the storm, my God walks on water and I am his daughter, I claim victory over my mind, the thoughts that the enemy wants me to find once more, I claim victory I will not be beaten to submission I fix my gaze on the risen Saviour on whom I model my behaviour, I praise him at the start of this new day, I dedicate this day to him regardless of what the hours will bring.

Forgiveness is healing, revealing

I used to think I could never forgive people who I felt had wronged me in the past.  When I first became a Christian I knew God called us to forgive but still found it incredibly hard, after all they had hurt me, shaped me and made me feel bad about myself, how could I forgive?  But God is incredible and by his grace he changes us, he really does renew us and give us a whole new view on life.  So now I can stand and say that I forgive others and I seek to always do this quickly now if I feel wronged or aggrieved.  Talking it through with God helps too.  Take this verse from Mark 11:25-26 –

And when you stand praying, forgive anyone you have anything against. Then your Father in heaven will forgive your sins.”

It’s a no brainer, forgive and you will receive so much freedom in your soul, a weight will be lifted from your shoulders and you will find an incredible peace.


Forgiveness, a choice, an expression of love, for love keeps no record of wrongs, forgiveness belongs in your heart, sets you apart it doesn’t diminish justice it just entrusts it to God. Forgiveness is healing, revealing a new side of me, I let it go, I grow, I can’t change the past but I can change the future, don’t be a loser, be victorious, receive God’s glorious love in all its splendour, surrender the hurt, tender it to God, give him the nod and he will take it away, a glorious new day dawns where bitterness and anger are no longer, free the soul, make peace with your broken pieces as God releases you, forgives you your sins, opens the door and beckons you in.

I can’t, God can, God wins, The End

How many times do we want to do something for God and then shrink back?  Like today I wanted to offer to pray for someone who was really struggling, but I ended up just having a chat and being sympathetic.  That’s OK but how much more powerful would it have been to pray with them?  We need courage and a faith that says, if I can’t do it, God can.  If I show up then God shows up too cos he lives in me so just let him take over.  That’s my prayer today that I will have the boldness and courage to say what I think God wants me to say, to do what he wants me to do, after all what can go wrong when God is with me?

  • Mark 9:24 – Right away the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe! Help me overcome my unbelief!”
  • 1 Samuel 12:16 – So stand still. Watch the great thing the Lord is about to do right here in front of you!


God I choose faith over fear, I know you hear my heart when it cries out to you, “What can I do in this situation?” I know you see the deflation in my heart when I depart from what I know you want me to do because I am scared of looking a fool and I know you will never abandon me, I see that I need to be stronger no longer trying to hide from you God when you ask me to do something for you, and why would I doubt the power of prayer, God I want to become a player in your heavenly Kingdom, I want to abandon my fears and concerns and learn how to draw on your power, to stand still right now this hour and watch the great things you’re about to do, to see the sick healed, stand up and walk, to see the blind see, I do believe, miracles, that’s just daily living in your heavenly Kingdom, five loaves, two fishes, water turned to wine, people healed time after time, bodies raised from the dead, lepers washed clean, I mean I know that was then but this is now, how much more is happening if we open our eyes, God’s miracles playing out in thousands of lives, I do believe, I have boldness, I am more than a conqueror because he loved us and who am I kidding when I say that I’m scared, afraid of what?  The safest place in all the world is in the will of God, God who lives in me for all eternity, he never abandons me, I do believe, I understand, I can’t, God can, God wins, The End

Believe and step out in faith, partnering with God

Well another first in my Christian journey and, well just to say AMAZING, our God is awesome.  I was part of a small prayer group and we were praying for healing for one of the group from a long term issue with severe pain and hampered movement in her arm, it was suggested that we needed not to pray necessarily for healing of the arm but for healing of the root cause of the problem and that’s what we did and she reported pains in her neck and then a “release” of those pains and she was able to move the arm and felt only a minor discomfort (which we continue to pray for) but HEY God is awesome and I was stoked to think that God would use a small group of women in such a way and this morning I was reminded of John 14:12

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.


God gave us his helper, a helper who is ever present, who lives in me, yes the Holy Spirit lives in me, he’s there to teach and remind me, remind me of what God wants for me, from me and to do through me, I will do great things for God, believe and do great things, believe and step out in faith, partnering with God, mission impossible becomes mission accomplished, unbelief my only limit, my potential unlimited, I take a risk, it’s time, time to trust and obey and do all things in Jesus name, he is near to all who call on him, his power invested in his children, there is power in his name, power to accomplish all these things, let God direct your steps, let God provide your wings and you will soar like the Eagle and you will touch all people, healing hearts and minds for you are no longer blind to the truth that set you free and because you believe, truly believe in God the Father he promises that your works will be greater, his power in you a powerful weapon, you can genuinely serve as God’s reflection.

How precious you are as one of God’s children

Been praying today along with many others for the healing of a young girl struck down with a virus and kind of got me fired up to write this in her honour. Please do pray for her healing and for God’s healing touch on her life


How precious you are as one of God’s children, there is no doubt, no uncertainty that God loves you unconditionally, you are adopted into his family and that didn’t happen randomly, your name is tattooed on the palm of his hand, you are his child, you are the apple of his eye, his treasured possession and nothing but nothing can separate you from his love, he chose you, he knows your name, he loves you and he will meet all your needs and do you realise that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, God made you, he knew you before you were born and he hears all prayers, he sees your family’s tears, he is the Lord God who heals, the Lord God who feels our pain, keeps track of all our sorrows, collects all tears in his bottle, you are not forgotten, our God is the healer, awesome in power, and you will enjoy abundant peace and security, life and prosperity, and your light will shine brightly, your future witness a mighty tribute to the power of our Saviour, our prayers remain in your favour and your healing in the hands of your mighty creator.

Give him all the pieces so he can iron out your creases


Trust him he’s got this he gives you hope, so don’t let your heart be troubled,  don’t be afraid for it’s God who made you, who sustains you and carries you, he’ll rescue you, he is your anchor in the waves of life he came to earth to save you, he gives you peace and leaves peace with you.

Your scars are proof that he heals but for him to give complete healing you need to give him all the pieces so he can iron out your creases, give Jesus everything he needs so he can heal you, acknowledge that the damage existed but don’t let it control you anymore, let Jesus open up that door and take control, he’s the only one who makes you whole and the greatest gift you can give back to God is to take notice of his words and take the healing that he gives.

You were born on purpose for a purpose, God needs you to be healthy, he chose you and has plenty of reasons for you to function without obstructions or distractions, so no longer take action without his direction, trust in his protection, embrace his perfection and never forget his resurrection, Jesus embraces your imperfections and wants you to follow the path he ordained for you, allow his love to permeate through to your damaged heart, allow him to start to heal your pain, don’t let your light drain away when you have a difficult day, just turn to God and pray.

Pray for his healing power to shower down and change your perspective, pray for his protection from a time of pain, pray for him to reign in you, pray for his love to fill you and empower you, pray for him to lead you, guide you, pray for strength and a mind of steel and simply pray that he will heal.