Things change, but not God

Two things struck me this morning, firstly that God never changes.  So I may have a bad day or question God, or not praise him as I should yet he never changes, his attitude towards me never changes and his love never changes, he is constant and loves me the same.  The second thought was that his love and blessings are new every morning and sometimes I think in our human frailty we kind of need to draw a line in the sand and put the past behind us.  The dawn of a new day is the perfect time for us to say, OK God it’s me, I’m back, I messed up yesterday but thanks cos you’re still there, you still love me and as far as you are concerned nothing has changed.  God doesn’t need us to do that I think that’s more just what we need to do ourselves (well certainly what I feel I need to do) so today is a new day, God is still AWESOME and God still loves me, I may have had a wobble but that doesn’t matter to him.

Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.

Lamentations 3:22-23 – Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.


Things change, people change, places change, friends change, I change, but God never changes he is an unchanging God in an ever changing world, though our feelings come and go there is no change in his love for me which he gives unconditionally, and his love never fails, every morning he never fails to bring it, never fails to give it, never fails to see the best in me, his opinion of me never changes, and what I find strange is that I cannot seem to grasp how vast his love is, I allow myself to worry and fret just because I don’t get that he is there for me constantly, his love for me is unconditional he seeks neither my performance nor perfection, simply my love and affection, all that I have I give to you Lord, my life, my love, my worship and praise, I will raise my hands in adoration to the maker of all creation, to my constant, my unwavering God, because of his love I am not destroyed I am restored, renewed, revived and all within me praises you for through you I am alive.


Rise up and dance and break down all barriers,

Was listening to some new tracks I downloaded and this morning the one that stood out to me was “The Potter’s Hand”.  As I was driving and listening to this was thinking it’s so easy to sing along and say yes God mould me, but have we really thought about all that involves and what we need to hand over to God in order for him to be able to make a real difference in our lives.

I started writing today’s entry below and the words were just flowing from God and it just came to me, although this is my interpretation of what I have been trying to do in my life these words today are for someone specific and I will be sharing them with that person as I truly believe God has given me this message for them.

In my limited experience since becoming a Christian I think it so important to allow God into every aspect of our lives and I know I have been at fault for holding things back, but the more I hand over, the more I feel his great power at work in me.

Isaiah 64:8 Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter;we are all the work of your hand.


How inspirational that God is the potter and we are the clay but hey, are you really ready for the moulding, the sculpting, having your life dissected and put back together again, are you open to change, prepared to be totally rearranged, prepared to hand control over to God your Father?  Will you give him your heart, your thoughts and your time, are you prepared to say these are mine Lord take them, shake them up, stir up a storm in my soul, will you give your actions and reactions over to God, it’s gonna be hard and it’s gonna be messy but unless we are prepared to bare our souls how on earth can God make us whole, will you give him your words and the things that you’ve heard, hand them to him without delving in, without seeking to interpret or analyse, without agonising over the outcome, cos here’s the thing, faith is having the courage to let God take control, you know that he wants to make you whole, his love is relentless and you are not helpless, even to your old age and grey hairs he will sustain you, rescue you, through him we are conquerors because he loved us, praise the Lord  for each day he carries us in his arms, he is your rock and fortress and promises you no harm will befall you, he is the potter and you are the clay, so you can allow God to shape you and make you what he planned you to be, you can trust him, believe that he wants you to see what your future can be when you relax completely in the knowledge that God came to save us, God came to give us life in abundance, break off those chains, stop being a worrier for in God’s eyes you can and will be a mighty warrior.

With Jesus at the centre

How much my attitude has changed since I became a Christian, it’s amazing that in just 6 months I feel totally different about so many aspects of my life and so happy that I am now a daughter of the living God.


OK so here’s the thing, before I became a Christian I was living for me.  Straight up – selfishly putting myself on a pedestal, thinking I was something special and you know what, I focused on what I thought was important, like a car and a house, money in the bank, I was central to my own success and what a mess I made of that, for it’s a fact that without a cornerstone to build on, the foundations are kind of fragile, the construction vulnerable, the roots no longer durable. With Jesus at the centre, my focus shifted, my outlook lifted to include essential components, like love, compassion, neighbourly actions, seeking solely to evoke reaction from my God and Saviour, I realise now that building up treasure was no measure of success, moreover to confess my sins and walk with him allowed me to drink in his holy and amazing gifts, and now I no longer love the world and what it offers, he proffers so much more, he has a store of spiritual treasures that benefit all his earthly children, I present myself as a living sacrifice and pray to be holy and acceptable in his sight, for it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me, and as he has called me, I walk in him, am rooted in him and pray to be built up in him, Christ the stone that the builders rejected did not reject me, no way!, he claimed me for his own and has become the cornerstone of my life, the heart of my world, my focus, my friend.

It’s not God that changes, it’s me

I find my walk with God changes daily, due to my own personal feelings or circumstances.  Sometimes I feel much closer to God and understand his will for me, other times I feel further away, maybe a bit lost as to what I need to be doing to get back on track.  I sometimes liken my life to a roller coaster.

Today I believe God gave me Hebrews 13:8 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.

That tells me that I shouldn’t stress when perhaps I am having a difficult day or feel more distant from God because he is constant, and when we say he is the same yesterday, today and forever that means he loves me every day, he cares about me every day, protects and shields me and watches over me, praise be to God.


The same.  The same yesterday, today and forever, are you kidding me, you never change, you never think so today I’m going to take a rest, I think it best, I’ll put my feet up and leave them to it. No, you never change, your love is constant, changeless, ceaseless; it leaves me speechless to think that you accept our weakness, take on my uniqueness with no second thoughts, you never look back, only look forwards, quite frankly it’s clear that you adore us, you’ve forgiven our sins, you’ve invited us in to your inner circle, despite us being so vulnerable to fears and doubts, you look out for us on every occasion, shield us from the enemies invasion, protect us from temptation, loved us since the foundation of time, you are constant, awesome just sublime.

A desire to change


Sometimes I just can’t let go, I need to go more with the flow, not be the proverbial dog with a bone and when that little voice inside me says enough, just let things be, respond positively, don’t labour the point and force the issue, it’s gonna end up requiring tissues if I can’t challenge my own reactions to situations that may be fractious.

This my prayer Lord, help me to step back from each situation, remember there is no foundation for not forgiving and forgetting, stop me from fretting the small stuff and realise enough is enough, may I recall the words that you taught us together, forgive us our sins as we forgive others.

Reflecting on the changes in my life

Reflecting on the old me to the new me in just a few months – God really does work miracles, from when I thought I was care-free but was actually laiden with so much baggage I was bordering on crazy, to today where I have handed it all to God and really am beginning to feel “care free”.


Care free or crazy, lost track of reality, disjointed morality, violent mentality, alcohol fuelled insanity, life a fantasy of bitter reality.

Care free not crazy, in tune with the main stream, morals connected, mentality composed, drinking controlled, life a reality of hope and spirituality, salvation a formality.