Problematic, God won’t have it

I read a Christine Caine quote, “stop trying to get from people what you will only ever get from God”.  That resounded with me, having spent most of yesterday afternoon wrestling with who I could turn to for support in a difficult situation.  Throughout that battle I kept thinking, I can give this to God, I don’t need to phone or message anyone God can help.  The enemy kept telling me I needed human input but something deep within kicked in, and as I drove in tears, I turned to God and gave him it all.

That act of trusting God and not looking for human input resulted firstly in a more logical look at the situation, secondly a conviction and reminder that God was with me (having blogged about Emmanuel yesterday was reminded via a song that God is with us in every situation) and thirdly answered prayer so that when I arrived at the situation, God had been there before me.

Sure, people can help us in many situations and I welcome prayer and support as it is given to me by my Church family, but ultimately we should never let it take the place of God, he should be our first “go to” in every situation.


No matter how hard it gets, no matter how hard this thing seems to be I will make it; problematic, God won’t have it, troublesome, that’s why he sent his Son to overcome all trouble, challenging, demanding, not for Jesus who commanded the storm to calm down, easier said than done, come on we’re talking about the Son of Man, we’re talking about the one who does immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, we’re talking about the one who overcame sin, who stared death in the face and took all our shame, the one who rose again, we’re talking about he who heals in Jesus name, no matter how hard it gets, look to the one who is greater, he’ll not leave it til later, he’ll leave the ninety nine and get to you in time, he’ll pour out his love, he’ll show you grace,  he goes before to prepare the way, and he doesn’t abandon you, he’s with you to stay.


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