Look to the King crowned with many crowns,

My bible study today talks of Yahweh, suggesting to us that we interpret it as “I AM HERE”.  I love that, when we cry out to God the words we are using remind us that God is already in the situation, he is all seeing and all knowing.  Combined with the name Emmanuel, “GOD WITH US” we are assured that we are never alone, never without God’s presence.  How can we let situations overcome us when we have these two truths in just two of the names we use for God?


YAHWEH, you are here, EMMANUEL, you are with me, awesome truths that should inspire me, God is never far away, reading your Bible you’ll see that he says, I will never leave you or forsake you, make no mistake those words are not hollow, not to those of us who follow Jesus, those words are his truth, his promise to us, our own personal rainbows, a covenant that will never be broken, so when things are tough, look to the Lord, when things are hard, open your heart to God, when you feel alone close the door to your room and pray to your King in his throne room, don’t give the enemy room to close you down, don’t listen to his lies they will bring you down, look to the King crowned with many crowns, EMMANUEL he is with you now, YAHWEH, have no fear, make no mistake he’s incredibly near.


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