You too can be known by what you put in.

This morning I was studying a “collage” of words and pictures I had put together at our ladies prayer group a few weeks ago.  One picture that stood out to me was a flock of flamingos and I was asking God what that picture was telling me?

And then it came to me.  The colour of flamingos reflects the food they eat.  What they eat makes them stand out, people know what they are.  And I felt like God was saying to me, you too can be known by what you put in.  As I study God’s word it is reflected in who I am.  My food is his word, my sustenance is his word and as I study it I am changing.  More than anything I would love for people to look at me and know immediately by what they see that I am a child of God.  I appreciate it’s more than them just looking at me, but once they meet me, talk to me, observe my actions and the way I am with others, wouldn’t it be great if they recognised me for my Christianity like I recognise those birds because of their colouring.


My desire is that others will look at me and immediately recognise me as a child of God, that all that comes out of me, my words and actions reflect the words I read every day, God’s word alive in my heart, set apart I choose to lose myself in your word, refine me Lord, take me through the fire and see how I grow, absorbed in your word I know that I am changing, craving more of you God, more knowledge, more closeness bringing me more wholeness, stepping into holiness, may others see and believe because of my witness, my freedom to speak, the knowledge I glean every time I read, the love I radiate because of my faith


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