Prayers that turn the heat up

 We were talking about passionate prayer last night and which areas of our prayer lives we had real passion for (and we discussed how that passion was from God and how it was ever changing). What struck me was the power of passionate prayer, using Jesus as an example: 

  • In Luke 6:12 – Passionate prayer directs us
  • In Luke 9:29 – Passionate prayer enables us to experience the God’s glory
  • In John 17 – Passionate prayer impacts the lives of those around us
  • In Matthew 26:39 – Passionate prayer allows us to pour out our hearts to God.
  • In Luke 23:24 a life that is lived in passionate prayer helps us to cope even in the most difficult circumstances.


Passionate prayer, prayers that never cease, prayers that turn the heat up, prayers that are modelled on those of Jesus, answers that direct us, times of intimacy with God, prayers that reflect His glory, prayers that change history, prayers that allow us to voice our concerns, prayers that turn times of challenge into times of praise, prayers that raise us to heavenly places, prayers that bring us into our Father’s embrace


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