Isn’t there a saying, “familiarity breeds contempt?”

I have been reflecting overnight on how difficult it can be sometimes to be open and honest about our faith and convictions with some people but find it easier with others.  I am part of a lovely, supportive prayer group, yet when it came to sharing my conviction about “a Jezebel Spirit” last night, I struggled to speak out.

Matthew 13:57 – And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honour except in his own town and in his own home.”

I reflected also on the fact that Jesus struggled in his home town, people didn’t give him credit, they took offence at his words, there was a very present lack of faith.

Perhaps that’s it, isn’t there a saying, “familiarity breeds contempt?”

Where I wanted to speak out about how our church is in danger of watering down the gospel with a view to then tackling how we as a church can address that in a loving way I felt that spirit of oppression.  I wonder at how long the Methodist Church in the UK will continue before affirming same sex marriage, I wonder at how long members of that Church will bury their heads in the sand.  In my church of about 150 there are (that I am aware of) seven families with members who are same sex attracted and not attending church regularly, if at all.  Seven families who need to know God’s teaching, seven families who need supporting, seven families who need Biblical teaching and pastoral care.  My prayer is for opportunities to support these and others from other churches, to show them that accepting that homosexuality is a sin does not make them judgmental, bigoted or unloving, quite the opposite. Accepting it is a sin helps them to frame it, to love and care for their family member, to pray for God’s blessing on their lives, to pray passionately for their salvation all whilst loving them to pieces and recognising that this is no different from other sins, God can and will bring salvation.


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