Talk, debate, chat and pray

I have been reading Acts and Paul’s letters lately and learning more about the early church.  Strikes me we could learn a lot from them.  They prayed together constantly, met in each other’s homes regularly and their leaders (Paul in particular) were not afraid to address issues that in some churches today remain under wraps, namely sexual behaviour, divorce, homosexuality etc.  In doing these things they built up staunch support networks, were able to pray corporately and were able to move forwards in obedience to God, being clear on his words and his teaching.

I fear today too many are unclear of God’s teaching, too many struggle alone thinking that attending church on Sunday is enough.  Yet there is so much more if we embrace the true sense of church.  I have grown so much through regularly attending a house group and a prayer group.  As I look back over the past year I can see incredible progress in my walk with God, most of which I can put down to the support of other more mature Christians, for safe places to talk, question, explore and pray and for honesty and openness when discussing God’s word.

 The early church had no building, no money and no political influence and they turned the world upside down – J D Greear


Let’s turn the world upside down, those early martyrs gave their blood in love for God so how hard can it be for us to spend time intimately with our Father in heaven, take a look at the Bible, God’s word was not just committed to be in a book but to be engraved upon our hearts, as we start to study his living word we are strengthened to live a life of noticeable hope, not merely coping with life but kicking all worldly strife into touch, share with our brothers and sisters, talk, debate, chat and pray, do this as often as you can, make it a part of your plan, to walk more closely with our God, stepping into his plans for us, living our lives as if Jesus were among us, don’t tell me that if Jesus were here now something would stop you from going out of your way to hear him speak, don’t tell me you’d say, I can’t make it this week, if Jesus were here now you’d fall at his feet, absorb his every word, ask questions not to mention tell all your friends and invite them along, so how come we seem to have got it so wrong?



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