Failing the presence of an angelic host it falls on me to boast this word

How well placed we are at this time of year to talk to others about God.  If we can’t start a conversation now with all the Christmas “hype”, when can we?  We have the best news to share, can we meet up to this verse from Isaiah?

Isaiah 40:9 – There is good news for the city of Zion. Shout it as loud as you can from the highest mountain.  Don’t be afraid to shout to the towns of Judah, “Your God is here!”


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, the time of year for good cheer, for family gatherings, mulled wine and beer, over indulgence, food in abundance, extravagant gifts from Santa’s list, sitting in front of the TV watching movies, another chocolate, a slice of cake, bleary eyed children barely awake, take a step back, what do you see, a picture of how far we have strayed from that first Christmas, Jesus in a manger, good news, glad tidings of great joy, a baby boy is born, our King, our Saviour sent to save us,      God gave us the most precious gift of all and we bury it with wall to wall advertising, manipulative merchandising, unsurprising absence of God in the day, as we now have started to say Happy Holidays, but this is about God, it’s about his great love, thinking of us he sent Jesus to free us from our sin, let that sink in, what should you do with news so epic, failing the presence of an angelic host it falls on me to boast this word, to shout from the highest mountain, to proclaim for all around to hear, pay attention, listen up, our God is here, glad tidings of great joy I bring, this Christmas give your heart to him.



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