She knew her Father well

I heard an extremely powerful sermon yesterday about Mary, which really opened my eyes to her situation and how much trust and faith she had in God.

The key phrase in the sermon was “She knew her Father well”.

Because of how well she knew her Father God, she put 100% trust into him.  She knew that she could be stoned for being pregnant before she was married, she knew Joseph might reject her, she knew others would gossip and point the finger, she knew that being pregnant with the Son of God was not going to be easily explained away.

Despite being young, (a young teenager) and probably being illiterate, she demonstrates a powerful knowledge of God’s word and an unfailing trust in God’s goodness.

She clearly realised this was an awesome responsibility, but she recognised too that future generations would recognise her as being blessed and that God was doing, and would continue to do great things for her.

The key to this sermon was that in knowing her Father well, she could trust him with her life, her future.  She could confidently say Yes to all he asked because she recognised he was a good Father who only had the best for her.

Luke 1:38 – And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.

Do we know our heavenly Father so well that we trust him in such a way.  When he asks us to do something are we immediately obedient knowing that God will protect us from the fallout and provide us with everything we could possibly need?  Perhaps another look at the young Mary will inspire us in our walk…..


She knew him well, she knew him well enough to say “let it be”,  the reality was plain to see, barely a woman she was to be a Virgin mother, even to this day the subject of mockery and derision, yet her decision, “let it be”, fuelled by familiarity with the words of her Father, she would rather remain obedient to him than let others get under her skin, the taunting, the stares, the gossip, the glares, all something she was prepared to stand because of this heavenly command which she received with humility and grace, as she faced the Angel delivering news of such enormity, “perplexed”, the Bible says (that may be an understatement), I’m sure her heart was racing, her mind in turmoil, would this news destroy her family, her relationship with Joseph, what would happen when her bump was noticed, who would believe her, who would care, where could she go to avoid the stares, as she stood there alone when the angel departed, was she brokenhearted at what could have been if this hadn’t happened, or did she feel the arms of her heavenly Father wrapping themselves around her shoulder, holding her close, reassuringly tight, reminding her that she was walking in light, that her decision that day was not only life changing, but one that would change the world, exchanging her humble existence for one that would be talked of every Christmas, confident in God’s goodness she stepped out in faith, boldly she trusted God’s amazing grace, her story written for us to tell, Mary, praise God,  knew her Father so well.


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