Make no mistake I am fierce

I have been reading Exodus this week and hearing of how the Israelites once again turned away from God as Moses was away from them receiving the ten commandments.  To us it seems incredulous that a nation who had witnessed so much of God’s goodness and grace would so quickly forget his commands and make an idol from gold to worship.

Yet I am reminded of the disobedience of our own nations, how far we have turned from God and then, closer to home, how the Church itself has in many ways, turned from God’s teaching and gone its own way.  How much longer should we stand and allow the Church to become divided, to allow liberality to affect spirituality, to allow false teaching to weaken God’s message, to allow the madness of the secular world to affect our message of God’s forgiveness and love?

The words that stood out to me are found in Exodus 32:26 – “Whoever is for the Lord, come to me.”

What a brave rallying call, but if you, like me, are feeling righteous anger at the many ways we as God’s people have turned from him, let’s shout that cry from the rooftops.  If you are for the Lord and all he stands for and all that is taught in his word, come to him now and ask him how you can be a shining light for him in your church, your family, your community.


Come to me, come home, say yes to my plans, my will and my way, rethink your thoughts, start over again, new connections, new emotions, a new belief system based on God’s word, no absurd interpretations made to appease the nations, bruised and weak but on my feet, declaring the word of the Lord, wielding my sword, clutching my shield of faith, make no mistake I am fierce, I will defend the Gospel without hesitation, no misrepresentation, stay real, stay loyal, wearing those royal robes I don’t deserve I will serve without fear making it clear that I am for the Lord, I remain in him and his words remain in me, righteous anger, am I mad enough to make a change, exchange my thoughts for actions, standing in God’s word, on his promises, don’t be a doubting Thomas, don’t be tossed and turned on the waves, be strong, be brave, stand up and fight and bring the truth of God’s word into the light.


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