There’s unmapped territory to be found

I’ve just been checking back in my journal and it was early in 2016 when I received a prophetic word telling me I had the right shoes on but just needed to tighten my laces.  Last night I was praying with my small group of faithful prayer warriors and something one of them prayed for me opened my eyes to what that word actually meant and how I had now “tightened my shoe laces”.  At the point of time I received the word I had made some steps towards obedience but there was still one area to relinquish.  It wasn’t until September this year that I recognised what God was asking me to do and I stepped up in obedience.  Because of my initial obedience to God when I became a Christian I had the right shoes on, all God required of me was to tighten those laces, get my house in order so that I could serve him fully with confidence.  Now I feel that I have done just that, my shoes are fully tightened ready to take me wherever God wants me to go.


Tighten your laces, be prepared, nothing can be changed until it’s faced and those old ways of yours won’t open new doors, it’s not taking a risk it’s stepping out in faith cos you are safe in the hands of God and there’s unmapped territory to be found, you should have, you would have, you could have.. don’t live a life of regret, let these words be said, “I did”, born to win, disciplined I listen to God, doing what’s needed even when it’s hard, not being overlooked as I prepare, listening to God as I meet him in prayer, preparation, setting my foundations, being open to ways that I could never imagine, taking risks for God, see I cannot fail, everything God prepares for me is worth the wait, obedience will become my new trait, enjoying the blessings that come from compliance, tightening my laces, it’s not rocket science, listening intently, doing things differently, obeying my Saviour with holy behaviour.


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