You will blossom and you will be fruitful

Bearing fruit, that’s what it’s all about.  God is the vine and we are the branches, and he wants us to be fruitful, not dead branches that are good for nothing.  I read today three different ways we can be fruitful:

1.        In bringing others to know Jesus

2.       The fruit of the Spirit seen in our changing character

3.       Justice and righteousness in our society.

That made me sit up and take notice.  I think I am tuned in to the needs of number one, I can honestly see massive progress in number two but am not sure how I am contributing to number three.  Food for thought for me there. 

One thing that is necessary though is to stay close to Jesus, allow him to prune us when necessary and to do everything in partnership with God (not trying to do stuff in our own strength).  If we “abide” in Jesus we will be sharing his heart, our prayers will be answered because we are sharing the same will and we will be more fruitful than ever before.


The tree is known by its fruit, walk by and see no fruit, kind of feels like the tree has lost its use, perhaps it’s the wrong season or is there another reason, has the tree lost its source, become detached from its roots, is it in desperate need of water, whatever the reason it means a rethink, abiding in Jesus is the secret, walking with him, sharing your thoughts, putting your plans in front of the Lord, listening, obeying, reacting to all that he’s saying, laying your life down as he did for you, being faithful to God in all that you do then the fruits will occur naturally, like people will see the difference in you, your heart will align with the heart of God, soon you’ll find it hard to ignore injustice, you’ll be seeking righteousness in all things, bringing others to the word of God, your character will change, your priorities rearranged, you will blossom and you will be fruitful, your cup will be full, your life will be blessed, you’ll bear fruit and your life will progress..


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