Don’t wait for tomorrow cos tomorrow never comes

Philippians 4:11 – I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

Some challenging words from Paul.  Are we truly content with our lives, with our relationships, our jobs? If not, then surely, we should be seeking God’s plans for our lives, stepping out in faith, moving away from what makes us discontent and seeking all that God wants for us.  Sometimes that can be radical, giving up a good job or good salary to follow a new path.  Sometimes it can be scary, moving forward in a direction without knowing where God is taking you.  Sometimes it may be uncomfortable, leaving a relationship which is no longer good for you for example, but ultimately it will bring contentment because being obedient to God brings a peace and joy that cannot be equaled.


Life, not all about “finding yourself”, not about building up wealth, feathering your nest, not about your plans, your goals, your wants, life’s about discovery, discovering who God made you to be, stop thinking it’s all about “me” and see what God wants you to see, don’t wait for tomorrow cos tomorrow never comes and then you’ll look back in sorrow at all the times you could have changed, you should have made that step of faith, but then too late, your life consumed you, your choices limited by age and decay, today’s the day to stop and say, here I am Lord send me, here I am Lord full of faith, full of joy, content with life, content with all you’ve given me, content to be your vessel, fill me to capacity, then send me out to do your will, not mine but yours Lord, let me be courageous as I follow thee.


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