God endorses, confirms and nurtures you

Struggling today to keep my eyes focussed on God.  If I’m honest being obedient to God still means some major life changes for me and sometimes it’s good to remember that in the middle of what seems like a battering storm, God is there and he “sustains” us.  When I think of all that means that helps me to refocus and allow myself to be carried while I ride the waves.

Isaiah 46:4 – I will sustain you


God assists, bolsters, buoys you up,

defends, preserves, he takes your cup,

befriender, comforter, he carries you,

he endorses, confirms and nurtures you,

You are fostered, supported, validated,

Upheld, verified, loved and favoured,

Kept alive, kept from falling,

Shored up and provided for,

Encouraged, abetted and doors are opened for you,

God, provider of sanctuary, he alone sustains you


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