Seek God out, ask him the difficult questions

What surprises you most about Jesus?  That was the thought provoking challenge on my daily reading this morning.  As I mulled that thought over, it came to me that I think the thing that challenges me most (maybe not surprises me) is the fact that Jesus stayed silent on a topic that is close to my heart, namely homosexuality.  Jesus never spoke directly about it, although I do believe it is covered off by his direct reference to the purpose of marriage for man and woman.  I have written a whole chapter on the subject in a book I hope to get published, yet still reflect how much easier it would be had Jesus spelt this sin out for us.  Generations of same sex attracted people would no longer be able to fall back on their excuse that “Jesus never said anything” therefore it is OK.

However, why doesn’t it surprise me?  The answer to that question is that I believe God wants us to draw near to him, to seek his wisdom and to spend time in prayer seeking his face.  I believe the Bible is our spiritual toolkit to enable us to draw close to God and the answers we seek on any subject can be found within its pages.  Jesus stayed silent on other sins too, to me the fact that he did not come with a list of dos and don’ts make him more human somehow?  We have free will and Jesus saw that, he told parables, he preached but he never forced anyone to follow his path.  Many witnessed miracles yet still failed to believe, which leads me to think that even if Jesus had clearly stated that homosexuality was a sin, people would still try and wriggle their way out of it today.

Challenging, yes, difficult, yes but surprising, no.  Doesn’t it say in John 13:7 – You do not realise now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

How I look forward to later, my time in eternity, when I will fully understand all that Jesus said and didn’t say!


Ask and God will answer, seek him out, ask him the difficult questions, don’t be scared to mention things that bug you, things that scare you, the questions that you wouldn’t dare ask those close to you for fear of ridicule or judgment, if you want to find out what God is all about then talk to him, open your heart, let him become an integral part of your journey of discovery, don’t rely on the word of the enemy who seriously wants to steal your joy, don’t look at your situation and underestimate God’s ability to guide you into eternity, don’t take the word of man over God, if you look hard enough you’ll find the answer, absorbed in God’s word there is no danger of missing what’s on his heart, he will illuminate your path, just because “Jesus didn’t say” doesn’t mean that it’s OK to be disobedient to God in any way, just because Jesus paid for your sin doesn’t mean you can continue to disobey, he says to love him with all your heart, not keep a little part back, hold out your hands and give it all back, don’t cheat yourself and don’t cheat God, it’s not so hard to give it all to God who loves us, to trust our lives 100 percent to Jesus.


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