My adventure with Jesus continues

I was chatting over some recent events with my counsellor last night and she responded with, wow, God really is moving mountains.  When you are close to a situation or living through it it’s easy to fail to recognise God’s touch in stuff.  But reflecting, looking at all the things that are coming together, the timing and the immense changes that occurring in my life and relationships I can really see how God is at work.  And yes, he really has been hard at work moving those mountains. 


God is on the move, the prayers of the warriors are being heard, he does not fail, it’s not just about believing he can, but knowing he will, never doubt, wait for him patiently and he will incline his head to your cry, and don’t be surprised when he springs into action because that’s the result of praying with passion, confidence and authority, this mountain that was in front of me now resides at the bottom of the sea, God’s timing forever accurate, absolutely perfect, I choose to walk by faith even when I can’t see all that is being planned for me, for I know this his plans will take time because for me they are absolutely extraordinary and unique, excellence takes time in the planning, I understand that I cannot model perfection but because of his resurrection I am afforded transformation, I am a new creation, before I saw the light of day he had holy plans for me, he created me, loved me, stayed with me and restored me, earth holds no heartache that God cannot restore and what’s more the mountains bow down at the sound of his name, he is a game changer and I am a victor, victorious in Christ who shone his light on my life, who listened intently to my pleas, who moved the mountains that were causing me issues, and so my adventure with Jesus continues


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