Truth spoken, power broken

Proverbs 1:20-33 is entitled “Wisdom Speaks” and is a great passage which reminds us of the need to listen to the voice of wisdom in all areas of our lives.  Of course, the voice of wisdom comes from God and he has our best interests at heart in everything.  I know sometimes we hear his voice and think, “I can’t do that”, or “that’s too hard”, but if God is calling us to do it who are we to argue with his wisdom and knowledge of what is best for us?


Allow the truth to hit the air, truth spoken, power broken, secrets and lies need the voice of reason, wisdom for every occasion, the voice of God, the whisper, convicting not condemning, encouraging not frightening, leading not pushing, calming not obsessive, comforting not chaotic, clear and confirming not confusing, there is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen, the still small voice of God, the voice of truth, the voice of wisdom, the quieter you become the more you hear, never let the noise of the world overpower you, don’t let it overwhelm you, remember to whom you belong and listen carefully for his song.


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