He’s always there in the heart of the action

What reasons would you give for following Jesus?

I love the song Ten Thousand reasons by Matt Redman and one day I may well start to compile my own list.  But if I was to sum it up, what would I say?  That’s a tough one, to sum it all up in one sentence, but here goes (it may be a long sentence!)

Follow Jesus because he is the doorway to God, he is the only way that you can gain peace in this troubled world or receive true love from this selfish world and he loved you so much that he died for you, taking all the bad stuff you’ve ever done and ever will do, destroying it so that if you choose to believe in him you can have a great life here on earth and an eternal life of joy and peace in heaven.


He loves me, he died for me, he knows me and cares about me, he sees me at my best, sees me at my worst and still he loves me, he protects me, wraps his arms around me, comforts me when I cannot see through the tears, he’s timeless, never changing throughout the years, he’s a good, good Father, a loving brother, a faithful friend, his love never ends, he helped me to see, he opened my eyes, he wants nothing more than for me to be fine, he’s kind and generous but also adventurous wanting the best for all of us, giving us gifts, giving us passion, he’s always there in the heart of the action, his reaction to me is always love, no matter what he never gives up, he guides me, he leads me, he carries me when I am weary, he makes me happy, he makes me glad, he picks me up if ever I’m sad, his love is eternal, it never stops and his thoughts towards me are out of the box, he sees my potential and sees me as special, he uses me as a vessel to do his work, reworking me, remoulding me, transforming me into his glory, he set me free from the things that bound me, he left the sheep so that he could find me, I am but one and still he wants me, so many reasons to share my story, Jesus Christ you deserve all the glory


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