All Satan has is a bit of razzmatazz

Challenge, what are you doing to point others to Jesus as you live your life.  Not just on a Sunday as we go to church and share with our brothers and sisters, but every day.  A survey released in the UK this week shows that 26% of Christians feel unable to be open about their faith, 50% have experienced prejudice, 80% believe that Christianity is not given equal respect and 90% believe that Christianity is being marginalised (source

Psalm 117 says: Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love towards us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures for ever. Praise the Lord.

No matter the challenge, no matter the worries or concerns you may have about what others think, it’s what God thinks that matters.  It’s how we trust him as we share his word, his love and his message of hope, he will never leave us or forsake us.  Let’s turn this around, praise the Lord all you nations, praise the Lord.


I am not ashamed, I am not lame, I am not tame, I roar his name as I claim to all, no matter what when you stumble and fall you will call out, you will cry his name and one day all will bow their knee as all see Jesus is the King, all will speak his name in reverence as they seek deliverance from sin, as they see that all Satan offers is empty promises, all Satan has is a bit of razzmatazz, a lure of temporary pleasure that is gone in a flash, it won’t last forever, Satan’s clever like that he masks the truth, he wants to get his hooks in you, but one day I promise you, you’ll see that it’s an empty truth, an empty life, a lonely walk, when you wake up beaten, defeated, your life depleted, that’s the day you’ll call God’s name and your life will never be the same, for at his name lives are changed, death is defeated, the race completed, new life comes and this is why I will beat my drum, tell out his name with no fear or no shame, Praise the Lord in my actions, Praise the Lord in my words, so that all those who meet me can never claim that they’ve not heard of his life changing name.


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