Satan’s the one sitting on the fence

Sometimes it can be frustrating when Christians “sit on the fence” over hot topics.  I had not clocked this verse before this morning but now I have it has fuelled my desire for us all to “stand up, stand up for Jesus!”

Matthew 12:30 – Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters


God or the world, cos Satan’s the one sitting on the fence, choose the ways of the world or the grace of God, yes it’s hard, yes it means following the narrow path, but if you are not with him, then you are against, if you are not able to look him in the face you may as well scatter, you can’t walk with God holding hands with the devil, you have to renounce that evil, God has shown us the path to life, God has made his sacrifice and it’s time to choose your side, are you for or against or are you still sitting on that fence? Are you lukewarm? Are you tepid?  Are you blowing in the wind like confetti, thrown in the air without a care, tossed and tormented or are you solidly cemented in the love of Jesus?


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