Not exclusively reserved for Christians

Loving Ephesians!  We are studying it at my house group.  It was always a favourite but when you really study it and discuss it with others even more great stuff keeps coming to the surface.  Yesterday as we were reading Ephesians 3 someone had an insightful commentary in their Bible about what verse 18 meant.

Ephesians 3:18 –… you may have power together with all God’s holy people to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ

In summary, this is what I got from the commentary:

  • Width (breadth of his love – God’s love is so wide it is for all humanity regardless of race, gender, belief systems, Jew or Gentile
  • Length of his love – for all eternity, for our whole lifetime, before we were born and for the rest of time
  • Depth of his love – however far down we are, whether we have fallen or not yet found God, whatever valley we are in is not too deep for God’s love to find us
  • Height of his love – a love that towers above us yet is accessible and meets us on the mountain tops of our lives, shares in our high points and delights in our successes

So next time I read this passage, or sing one of the many songs that allude to this verse I will have a fresh perspective on God’s amazing love.


God your love is so wide, it lays aside differences, it doesn’t judge or depend upon race or religion, it’s not exclusively reserved for Christians, it’s not just for men or only for women, it’s not for those who are best at not sinning, it’s not just for the good, the rich or the learned, it’s something for all and we don’t have to earn it.

God your love is so long, it started before time began and it will run on and on, you loved me before I was born, you lovingly formed me in the womb, you love me now, you’ll love me next week, you’ll love me until I die in my sleep, and then you’ll love me for eternity, your love goes on it never ceases.

God your love is so deep, it reaches to me as I weep, as I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, as I stand knee deep in my human formed mess, you couldn’t love me more and you couldn’t love me less, when I’m in the valley you rally round, you place my feet firmly on solid ground

God your love is so high, as I fly on wings like eagles your love surrounds me, as I reach the mountain tops nothing can stop me because your love envelops me, as I walk in to all you’ve planned for me, your love welcomes me, I receive love from the one who believes in me, whose love has given me opportunities, celebrating that I am loved and I am free


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