Because of his death we are free to live by grace

I have been reading some of the Old Testament, particularly passages that relate to the “Law”.  It’s tough to read of some of the punishments and I also struggle with what I perceive to be inconsistencies in the degree of punishment for different actions.  An eye for an eye is probably the most often quoted verse, but do those people who so often quote this (and other such verses) know that because Jesus came we are no longer under that law?

Romans 6:14 – For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.

We are under God’s grace, as such we seek to be obedient to him, to live our lives daily without sinning and where we fail, we repent.  God forgives us through his grace when we truly recognise what is right and wrong.  That’s not to say that God’s commandments are not there to be obeyed.  The Bible is truly our guide for living, it’s just that we can now recognise that if we fail, God will forgive us when we turn to him in repentance.  We are all sinners and fall short of God’s glory, but he knows that!


Sin holds no power over me, Jesus died for me.  His death the start of something amazing, the Old Testament laws needed some rephrasing, because of God’s grace, his love and mercy, no more controversy, no more calls for death, an eye for an eye, no more living by a list of rules that had been part of the Jewish toolkit, Jesus did it, he turned things on their head, because of his death we are free to live by grace.  Now to me some parts of that are hard to understand, what laws are still part of his commands?  But I figure if what I do is kind, is done from a place of love, brings honour to my God above, if all that I do brings God the glory, my story will continue to be one of redemption and victory, the desire of the Spirt outweighing the desires of my flesh, I am a new creation, revived and refreshed, blessed and sanctified by my Saviour who died for me, redeemed and restored as he rose in victory.


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