God has broken your grip on me, face up to reality

I was devastated this week when I received an email message, one week after I had sent what was to me a really important email.  I had taken the plunge and submitted my book manuscript to a publisher.  I thought it had arrived safely and was sitting on the pile waiting to be read.  But, no, somehow or other it had been rejected by the email server and I had only just been notified.

My initial thoughts, oh well, it’s not supposed to be… not actually my thoughts but the devil trying to discourage me.  I almost didn’t resend, I began to doubt, to question, to say it’s clearly not the right thing for me to be doing.  But this is the reality.  The enemy does not want my book to get to a publisher because it glorifies God’s name.

Because of the failure to send it I then chose to contact the company via Messenger.  I spoke to a member of their team via this medium and have now successfully submitted the manuscript and have a name and an alternative way of speaking to them.

Yes, Satan meant that failed email for harm, but I know God has his hands on this.  Maybe there needed to be a delay for the book to get to the right person at the right time for them to consider it.  I may never know but I do know God’s got this and Satan will not stop me from speaking out.

Genesis 50:20 – You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives


You wanted to stop me, but there’s nothing can stop me when God’s in the picture, you wanted to harm me, but your harm is mild to a child of God, whatever you do to prevent my word being spoken will fail, God has broken your grip on me, face up to reality, if God is for me who can be against me?  Essentially, God has established me, built me up, my cup runs over, whoever tries to bring me down will be brought down, see this crown? God placed this on my head the day I became dead to sin, the day I let him into my heart, never apart, never alone, I’ve never known love so strong and so fierce, pierced for my sins, he has overcome, so bring it on, whatever your intention my God’s intervention will ensure that good will come, that he will accomplish all that he wants to be done, lives saved for the Kingdom, for God holds dominion and I’m not seeking any other opinion, you wanted to stop me but you failed, my God has this, he’s got it nailed.


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