Will it create a fuzzy haze, will it confuse me

I saw this verse today with the comment, what thoughts are you watering?

Philippians 4:8 – Finally, my friends, keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly, and proper. Don’t ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile and worthy of praise

I had been talking to a colleague at work today, a new Christian, about a programme she was watching on television.  It was a programme that I felt celebrated sexual immorality, but she saw it as a bit of light hearted fun.  We had a challenging conversation and I almost said what was in this verse without realising it.  It is so important for us to protect our minds from things that are unholy, we need to challenge ourselves, is this helping me, is this good for me, is this worthy of praise?  Whether it’s what we read, what we watch, what we listen to or what we talk about let’s water our minds with positive, pure and holy things so we can grow more Christ like.


Irrigation of my mind, not allowing myself to be blinded by secular values, evaluating what I put in, protecting my thoughts, not allowing Satan a foothold in my thinking, is seeing believing?  If I see what Satan wants me to see, will it create a fuzzy haze, will it confuse me, give credence to his lies, it’s harmless fun, it’s not a problem, but how often can that little bit of harmless fun lead you down the wrong path, what starts as a laugh, a bit of a joke can come back to choke you, like thorns in your patch, be strong, keep watch, fill your mind only with whatever is true, pure and right, it’s almost like making sure the light is constantly on, don’t step into the darkness, always walk in the light, whatever is right, holy and proper, that’s what we should propagate our minds with, don’t stop thinking about your God, don’t stop reading his word, praying and praising without ceasing, don’t stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile, and that’s the way to become more like Christ.



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