Seek God’s mind

This prayer was featured in my daily reading this morning:

Father, open our eyes to see what you are doing. Forgive us for always asking you to bless what we are doing; help us to do what you are blessing.

Wow – so true.  How often do we set out on our own agenda, asking God to bless us?  We’ve so got it the wrong way around.  We need to ask God to help us to follow his path and get involved with his agenda, which will guarantee his blessing as we serve him obediently.

My prayer today is:

Father help me to recognise what you are calling me to and what you are calling me from.  Open my ears, my eyes and my heart to your calling.  When I am following your will I thank you for the abundant blessing that will be poured out and I praise you for the privilege of being your servant here on earth


God you give us the tools, provide us with strength, you put opportunities in our way, yet you don’t force us to follow the plans you have made, we have a mind, we have willpower, you never meant for us to be clones, you made it known that you are there, our provider, our friend but if we choose to go it alone, you won’t moan, you won’t prevent us from doing it our way, but when we say, “God bless this choice” we cannot expect you to rejoice and shower us with blessings when doing it our way is actually messing with your agenda, as we fail to surrender to your guiding we cannot expect an overflowing fountain of provision, so as we seek a vision for our lives, let’s make sure we seek God’s mind, help us see the heart of God, look hard for what God wants from us, allow him to work through us, speak through us and it’s guaranteed he will bless us


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