Permit God to choose the way

I read a Kris Vallotton quote today:

“Promises are like the rudder of a ship. Rudders determine the direction of that ship”.

We have so many promises from God, but we have to receive and believe in them.  God blesses us when we have faith, when we surrender all to him and allow him to determine our direction.  Right now, I don’t know what direction God is taking me, but I want to allow him to direct me.  I relinquish the rudder of my life to him and draw near to him in excited expectation.

Luke 1:45- The Lord has blessed you because you believed that he will keep his promise

James 4:8 – Come near to God, and he will come near to you. Clean up your lives, you sinners. Purify your hearts, you people who can’t make up your mind.


I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know who holds my future.  Dream big, God will go beyond your wildest dreams, become intimate with God, not intimidated by man and God will reveal his purpose.  Are you open and ready to receive God’s abundance, are you a woman of substance, prayerful, absorbed in God’s word, are you ready to launch into the unknown?  You may not be sure where you’re heading but you are never alone, allowing God the say, permitting God to choose the way, drawing closer to him, letting him in, like really in, not just saying I turn from my sin, but repenting and then presenting yourself to God, here I am Lord, send me, instantly forgetting your plans for your life, becoming a living sacrifice, loving God so much that you bless him in all your ways, nothing can faze you, nothing can scare you, you are strong and courageous and the Lord God is with you wherever, whenever, however you go, for as you forego your own plans and hold onto God’s hand, he directs your path, he lights up your way, let him be the pilot of your life today.


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