Don’t sit there and say it’s someone else’s battle

Was struck by two things this morning.  Firstly, a social media post from The Passion Translation, which was based on 1 Timothy 6:11-13, entitled I hear his thunder, “I am calling the men back to me” and secondly my daily reading from Joel 3:

Joel 3:9-11 – Say to the nations: “Get ready for war! Be eager to fight. Line up for battle and prepare to attack. Make swords out of ploughs and spears out of garden tools. Strengthen every weakling.” Hurry, all you nations! Come quickly. Ask the Lord to bring his warriors along

The theme of both was similar, we are called to God’s army, we are called to arise and follow God, to claim the victory.  This is a war and we need to be ready to serve under God.  The Joel reading made me sit up and take notice as it states the opposite of Isaiah 2:4 which promises us a future where we will make ploughs from our swords and we will never war amongst ourselves again.  It’s the hope, the future joy that we are fighting for, the day of victory when all will be free.


War, a war to end all wars, be ready, be eager to fight, line up for battle and prepare to attack, don’t be settled in your ways, don’t sit there and say it’s someone else’s battle, don’t allow the shackles to be reapplied, Satan is real and Satan tells lies, do you hear God’s thunder?  Do you hear God’s call?  That call not for some, that call is for all, arise, put on your armour, don’t risk becoming a foreigner in your own land, stand up, stand tall, be prepared with your all, that’s what God desires, a nation of people with fire burning inside, a tribe of warriors, followers with no fear of the barriers strewn in their way, victorious in attitude, committed in pursuing the truth, standing up for Jesus, claiming his promise of triumph and victory, overthrowing the enemy, marching together into his land of plenty.


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