Choose joy, rejoice and be glad

I wasn’t sure what to blog on today, I know it’s going to be a tough day as I am going to see my Dad, who is really suffering with bone cancer.  He’s not in a good place right now and as I was thinking about my Blog this verse came to me.

Romans 8:18 – I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us

It’s easy to read and to agree in principle, but when we are suffering, really suffering pain and discomfort this must be a hard verse to fully comprehend.  But, we do have a glorious hope, we do know that in the future we will be renewed in Christ.  No more pain, no more tears, no more suffering and that has got to be enough to see us through.  Thank you God that we have that hope, without it our suffering would truly be unbearable.


Joy, delight, jubilation, exultation, exhilaration await me,  choose joy, rejoice and be glad, worship and praise through the darkest days, this pain, this dark time not worth your breath for with death the pain will go, with death we will know the greatest joy as we are transformed, as we claim our space in heavenly places amongst the many faces of those who’ve cheered us on the way we will stand and claim the glory, our story never meant to be just this fraction of time, for this is just a fragment of the bigger picture, a snippet, hesitate and you will miss it, our lives eternal but our bodies are mortal, let’s face it it’s normal that they should rot and decay, this life transient, temporary, a fragment of time, a season, no reason to be so low, God tells us where it is we will go when our time here is done, his Son saw to it that we would have a better future, perfection ensured we wouldn’t lose out, have no doubt, the devil is a defeated foe it’s just his pride that makes him so determined to steal your joy, don’t give in, don’t allow him to destroy your peace, praise God throughout, worship at his feet, pray and praise without ceasing, let your worship be unending.


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