Be contagious for Jesus

Do we have the heart of Jesus when it comes to spreading the news of his love?  Do we have the heart of the early disciples in bringing friends, family, community to come to know Jesus like we do? In Romans Paul writes that his heart is broken and he is troubled.  So much so he goes on to say he would sacrifice himself so that others could come to Jesus.  Now that’s passion.  It’s time to come down from our towers, to love like Jesus loved, to live like Jesus lived and to lead like Jesus led.

Romans 9: 1-2 –  I am a follower of Christ, and the Holy Spirit is a witness to my conscience. So I tell the truth and I am not lying when I say my heart is broken and I am in great sorrow.


What would Jesus do?  Come on think this through, what would Jesus do about the mess this world is in, the sinners and the sin, how would his heart break, his eyes shed tears, what sacrifice would he make to take away the sin of the world, you won’t find him hiding within the four walls of the church, he won’t be found in a meeting trying to agree on what’s happening next, he won’t be busy sending texts or facebook posts, asking what most people want to do, he isn’t waiting for the next season of sermons to be ready, he’s not waiting for the economy to steady, he’s not waiting for the next election, he’s not for keeping his resurrection the best kept secret, you won’t find him greeting his besties and ignoring the nobodies, I think you’ll find him on his knees, talking earnestly with his Father, you’ll find him in the town centre, in the market, wherever he can park his seat and have a chat, that’s where he’s at, he laid down his life, that’s what I call a sacrifice, he sought out the sick, the hurting, those who others all avoided, unclean, not to Jesus, washed clean by his blood, redeemed by his love, what would Jesus do?   He’s already done it, he died on a Cross, that’s when he did it, his death overcame sin and all its power, he alone is our tower, he alone is our Saviour and as you start to get a flavour of what Jesus was about you need to recognise the same clout lives in you, the same power and he that is in you is so much greater than he that is in the world, Jesus calls us to follow him, live as he lived, love as he loves, be bold, be courageous, be a little outrageous, for God is with you wherever you go, be contagious for Jesus, let everyone know..


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