No longer a spectator but a participator

Had another fabulous day at the Cherish conference this time Alex Seeley spoke passionately about there only being one option in life, and of course that option is Jesus.


Expectant I come to meet with Jesus no longer a spectator but a participator, my only option, the one who never forgot me, the one who died for me, pursuing the heart of God, step out of the crowd and acknowledge his love, he responds to my faith not my need  I fall to my knees, I stretch out my hand, I reach out to touch his hem, I can’t handle the truth but God can, the truth sets us free from the symptoms of our issues, time for the tissues, yes I have issues but God sees through them as I touch the hem of his garment he acknowledges me, sets me free no longer isolated, marginalised, less than, I am more than enough, blessed and forgiven, my freedom sealed, power of hope revealed by the goodness of God, I smash the head of my enemy as I choose my attitude, I swim in the river of life through the valley of the shadow of death, recognising God is not the author of my issues I make room in my heart to receive because unquestionably I believe that God loves me,


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