We are living stones, all sizes, all shapes

Been at Cherish Women’s conference tonight and listening to Charlotte Gambill speak with an inspiring message about being more powerful when we are one.  I loved her use of the story of the Tower of Babel as she illustrated that of course we are more powerful when we are one.  Christians need to put aside our differences and sit together at unity, at the table God prepared for us, rather than building our own towers and barriers around our own agendas.


Confusion, building up barriers with self-focused importance,  looking inward, looking upward, personal vanity, insanity, not God breathed unity, not part of his design, out of line, off track, we need to get back, we are not all the same man-shaped bricks of equal size, we are not clones, we are living stones, all sizes, all shapes, made to compliment, made to serve at tables, made to make God famous, come down from your tower, for God’s is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, don’t make this all about your story, God is the head of our table, the same God who invited us to the banqueting table, who laid a place for us at the table in the presence of our enemies, time to recognise that our purpose in life is God breathed, take some time, sit at his table, bring what you have, share in God’s gift of unity, drop your guard, stop trying so hard, build out, enlarge the place of your tent, not upwards but outwards, not your name but God’s name, come back to the table wherever you are, no excuse, this is war and as we stand united praising God’s name the fight becomes easier and victory we claim


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