This whirlpool something necessary for me to grow

I’m so stoked today I’m not even sure what I should Blog about, too many awesome messages from God 😊 I have been struggling over the past couple of weeks and really striving to sort it out in my own head.  Yesterday God gave me two images and a personal message that have given me an amazing peace and yet again just shows me how well he knows me, how much he loves me and how he wants me to thrive.

One of the images is of the sea, it’s calm and peaceful but in one spot there’s a whirlpool, round and round the water swirls, out of control, fast and furious yet all contained in the one spot. God’s showing me that this issue I have been striving with is not mine to struggle with.  He is using it to show me that he is using this whirlpool to clear out some stuff, to get things right and I don’t need to contribute with my angst and worry.  God’s in control and soon that area of my sea will be calm and peaceful again.

Psalm 18:2 – The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold


My mind’s a whirlpool, an undercurrent of striving rising within me, tell me God what do you see?  I shout out to God I need to know, I kick and scream, I want to dream the answer into being, I am clinging to sanity, losing track of reality, God where are you, where were you, how can you stand by and watch this vortex suck me under, my mind’s under attack, am I lacking faith, am I striving so hard to see your face that I fail to embrace your love, why do I fail to recognise that you have this in control, as I roll into a ball and face the wall, I call to you and that’s when the truth hits me, this is not my fight, God’s won the victory, this is God preparing me, not to be a foot soldier but a warrior, a woman of God hitting the ground running, this whirlpool something necessary for me to grow, but God wants me to let it go, the battle is his and as he prepares the way he says, rest in me, trust me, know that the plans I have for you are great, they’re good, they’ll prosper you, not harm you, they’ll arm you for the fight ahead, instead of striving, take my rest, take this peace that I give you, the peace that I leave with you until the day I return, learn from me, trust and believe, hold out your hands and lay this burden down, hold out your hands and claim your crown.


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