When I talk about sexuality, I’m talking about what I used to be

Been watching Bill Johnson preaching on sexual sin in the church.  Firstly, let me just say what an amazing sermon this is.  To see someone prepared to stand up and preach on a topic which most Pastors would shy away from is refreshing but more importantly what he covers is amazing.  He handles the topic with love and truth and for me his explanations are no nonsense and simple to understand.

In a nutshell, Bill explains that we live in a society where we are destroying the concept of a “Creator”.  As such we then destroy the issue of how we are designed, if there is no creator then there is no argument for us being designed in a specific way.  If you remove the issue of design then you remove purpose, what is our purpose?   And finally, if we have no purpose, we have no accountability, fear of God has been demolished. 

Believing in God brings fear of God and that draws us affectionately to the Lord giving us a desire to walk in absolute obedience


When I talk about sexuality, in reality I’m talking about me and what I used to be, what I want to say to you is simple when I say it in my mind, but I kind of find that when I talk to you, my words get skewed, now I don’t mean to be rude but I feel that’s cos you don’t believe that God is real and when faced with someone who’s erased God from the planet then how can I explain that God designed me, you see I believe that God designed me perfectly, it was me who got it completely screwed, me who pursued this lifestyle and OK it took a while for me to see that I was hiding from reality, I jumped in with both feet because at that time I couldn’t be what God chose me to be, I was damaged goods, unable to see what was so good about God’s design, but over time I came to see that God designed me to be me and by that I mean he wanted me to be free, free from the sin and free from the shame that held me in a place of pain, he revealed his love to me, he has a job for me, a job that is perfectly aligned to my capability, finally, a purpose, my purpose to live the life God wants for me, obediently living a life free of sin, accountable for my behaviour and loved affectionately by my Saviour, you see I get it, God is my creator and better late than never I got that he is greater than anything I choose to be, my identity no longer in my sexuality, freedom secured through his sacrifice, my life bought, assured of God’s love and forgiveness, I’m not religious just someone keen to witness to the difference God has made to me, his outrageous love and compassion smashing the myth that God is aloof or judgmental, establishing that God sees potential in all humanity, his love breaking down barriers, radically establishing justice and decency because with God there’s no hate only factuality, and see, here’s one fact you are failing to see, God created you and he created me, we are created, designed to his blueprint, his fingerprint’s all over me, my purpose to serve him in totality, to turn from my sin in accountability and find out what it means to finally be free, Satan has lost his grip on me now I see I was created and designed by God above and through my obedience I have been redeemed by his love.


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