I’ll break through the ceiling as I carry on dreaming of fruit in abundance,

Our sermon today was on John 15, the vine and the branches.  The more I read and hear about this, the more it makes sense to me.  Now that’s not to say it’s not an easy passage, because I do believe it is quite straight forward.  I just feel the more I read it and hear different interpretations the more I understand how deeply rooted I want to be in Jesus, how much fruit I want to bear for him.

In John 15 it tells us that God chose us, he appointed us so that we might go and bear fruit and he commands us to “love one another”.  So that’s what I choose to do until I can see even more clearly how God can use me to bear fruit in different ways.


Love one another, that’s what God tells me, love one another, love your neighbour, he even tells me to love my enemies, those who hate and despise me, you see when you listen to God you’ll come to see that love is the key, if I can’t love then what’s the point in my speaking, is there any meaning to my giving if it’s done with a degree of misgiving, without love I’m kind of missing the point, my logic disjointed, all a waste of time If I forget that I am anointed by God in heaven, in essence I am chosen by the Lord God Almighty who now lives inside me, to love unconditionally, to love outrageously, to courageously stand up to the rest of humanity and say I believe in you, I see fruit in you, I will pray for you, yes I will stand up and say to an atheist I will pray for you, I will stand up and say to a stranger, my prayers are with you, I will step out in faith and when God prompts me I’ll pray for their healing, I’ll break through the ceiling as I carry on dreaming of fruit in abundance, a harvest of substance,  with love in my heart I have joy in abundance, my roots are strong when I’m rooted in Jesus, as I love, my roots go deeper, as I’m obedient I start to see growth, new shoots, more roots, the first sign of fruit, chosen to be part of his family, grafted securely to the vine, I am God’s and he is mine.


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