We can stay silent no more

We cannot stay silent, we surely have so much joy in our hearts that it bubbles over in praise and worship to God.

Psalm 96:11 –Tell the heavens and the earth to be glad and celebrate!  Command the ocean to roar with all of its creatures


The source of all that is good, the provider of all water and food, the artist of creation, the ruler of all nations, the name above all names, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, the God who promises no more tears and no more sorrow, the lover of my soul, the one who made me whole, redeemer, Messiah, God incarnate, my helper, my friend, the good shepherd who left his sheep so he could rescue me, Jesus of Nazareth, model of righteousness, my intercessor, forgiver of all my sins, the wind beneath my wings, divine and holy, crucified for me, why would the heavens and earth not sing to our King, how can they not celebrate and demonstrate their praise and awe, we can stay silent no more, let the ocean and all creatures roar their approval of our God and King, let all creatures great and small stand up, give praise and sing,


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